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Computer translations services – do they work? – Video

Can computer translation services ever match up to the real thing?

An article published recently on the Business Traveller website has urged businesses to invest in the transcreation of content as opposed to translation. In today’s video, we discuss why businesses shouldn’t rely on computer programs to reach world-wide audiences.

It is suggested in the article that companies could be missing out on a vast number of sales by failing to localise their website content. When it comes to localising content, it is suggested that using computer programs could result in errors.

Suggestions are made that companies should look to transcreate content as opposed to simply translating it word for word, to ensure that the contextual message, metaphors and figures of speech are correctly conveyed to the local audience.compter translations

A spokesperson for London Translations said recently…

“This excellent article by Axxon Media demonstrates perfectly why machine translations can be dangerous. Many in business are already aware that Google Translate and similar systems are fine for casual communication and therefore have their place, but assume that all human-produced translations are the same and therefore buy on price alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cost of getting it wrong by using the cheapest agency you can find to do a literal translation should always be considered, versus the small incremental cost of getting it right by using a reputable company”.

Source: https://www.businesstraveller.com/opinion/technology/why-do-not-you-google-translate-to-rely-on

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