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Council Cut Translation Services Costs – Video

Translation Services Cut?

A local Labour-held council has come under criticism for making cutbacks of translation services available to non-English speakers in the constituency to give more incentive to  people to learn English. In this video we look into the controversy surrounding these cuts and the reasons why they were made. Sir Robin Wales, the Mayor of Newham Council, has come under particular criticism for the cuts. It is alleged that he has removed the provision of foreign newspapers from council libraries and has instead put money into English lessons for the those immigrants in the constituency who can’t speak English.

Translation Cutbacks

Wales was quoted in saying that this move was to stop ‘apartheid’ in the borough but critics allege that his true motives are to restrict cultural and linguistic diversity and encourage more white working-class people to his constituency.

The community which Wales represents consists of 139,000 UK nationals and 130,000 born outside the EU.

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said:

“We believe this to be a short-sighted and counterproductive move which risks damaging social cohesion as opposed to enhancing it. Our experience is that most people who choose to settle here learn English at a pace they are comfortable with and removing support will simply lead to a greater sense of isolation leading to greater demand on medical and social services.”

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2426736/Apartheid-wrong-Newham-mayor-defends-foreign-newspaper-ban-cuts-translation-encourage-integration.html

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