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Demand For Translation Services Continues To Increase

Higher Demand For Translation Services

The Chinese economy is growing once again according to a recent report from the Chinese national statistics bureau. Industrial output, investment and strong retail sales all point to an improving economic outlook for the world’s second largest economy. We will take a look at the factors behind this growth and the need for UK companies to take advantage of the improvement in China’s economy.

demand for translation servicesSo why has the demand for translation services increased?


According to the Chinese national statistics bureau, industrial output, investment and retail sales all grew in July, leading observers to believe that the Chinese economy is beginning to grow once more.

The introduction of a government mini-stimulus, which has cut taxes for small businesses, increased investment in the railways and cut red-tape for exporters, is seen as part of the reason for the growth of demand for translation services.

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said,
“It’s no secret that the Chinese economy has been strongly in the ascendance over the last few years. However the common image of China being the ‘workshop of the world’ consisting of low paid workers making goods for export is outdated. Many western luxury goods firms are now securing lucrative export deals as a new Chinese middle class treat themselves to imported western products.”

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