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Hobbycraft Insist On English at Work – Translation News – Video

Are Hobbycraft Set To Save On In-House Translation Costs?

A recent report has revealed that arts and craft chain Hobbycraft have told employees that they have to speak English during work hours.

The article published on The Daily Mail website has reported that Hobbycraft employees have recently been informed that in accordance with the firm’s new policy, only English can be spoken during work hours. Employees have reportedly been told that if they are heard speaking any other language by the management staff, they could face disciplinary action.

The Hobbycraft management held a meeting as a result of communication problems caused by different nationalities conversing in their native languages. Hobbycraft hope to create a more open working environment by enforcing this new policy.

translation services hobbycraft
Craft Firm Hobbycraft Insist English to be Used at Work

But could this be seen as an act of discrimination? Are Hobbycraft saving on translation services costs?

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said:

“This article raises some alarming points and proves that language means more to people than just the words they use, it provides a sense of cultural identity, the comfort of familiarity and social cohesion.

As workforces become increasingly diverse, employers face a delicate balancing act between employee rights, operational effectiveness and safety.”

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2559364/Foreign-workers-banned-speaking-language-told-speak-English-face-sack.html

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