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Translation Demand For Minority Languages Declining – Video

Translation For Minority Languages Declining – Video

The Guardian have produced a study recently examining how minor languages can survive digitalisation. This video will look at whether progress in digital media will encourage or impede the survival of the less-spoken languages worldwide.

It has been suggested that the heavy dependence modern society has on digital media, jeopardises the survival of these minor languages. The transnational dominance of the English language in work-related and personal use of technology poses a great threat to the less-spoken languages, which have always survived because of their informal use.

The question remains whether these minority languages will survive as technological advances are ever changing the way we communicate.

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It could be argued that whilst technological advancements might threaten the minority languages it may also actually ensure their survival, as progress in language technology could allow minority languages to reach broader audiences, and also facilitate communication between people speaking different languages.

When we asked a representative of London Translations for his take on whether or not digital advancements threaten the less-spoken languages, this was the response:

“Whilst English is undoubtedly the dominant business language, the internet and easy access to translators has allowed those who speak minority languages to reach out to more people than ever and we believe it could actually be the saviour of some minority languages as it allows speakers to connect and keep the language alive. In an increasingly homogenous world, there is renewed interest in cultural and linguistic diversity, which we see as a very positive development.”

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/feb/17/languages

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