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Need For Translation Services In New York Police – Video

Urgent Need For Translation Services In New York Police – Video Says

In recent reports, the NYPD are failing to report translational issues in the statements of non-English speaking victims of domestic violence. In todays Translation News, we discuss the value of Translation Services in such instances.

These recent reports have told that the Violence Intervention Program and 6 hispanic women have sued the city of New York Police Department. The NYPD is accused of discriminating against victims of domestic violence who do not speak English by failing to provide them with the translation services they desperately need during investigations. By giving access to translation services citizens have more of a chance of achieving justice.

Could this problem be a result of financial difficulties in the department or are they culturally unaware of the needs of foreign citizens?

NYPD Translation Services
NYPD Translation Services

A spokesperson for London Translations recently said…

“Whilst we can’t comment on these specific allegations we have often been called upon to translate witness statements and transcripts from interviews and cannot emphasis enough the importance of making sure they are undertaken diligently and accurately. People under stress often use colloquialisms and imperfect language which places the onus on the translator to produce a translation which captures the words and the sense of what the speaker intended to convey. By no means easy but it’s vital for all involved to get it right.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2014/02/18/nypd-routinely-fails-to-translate-non-english-reports-lawsuit/



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