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Benefits of using a professional translation service

With 75% of your customers preferring to be sold to in their own native language – will you use a professional translation service?

It has been reported recently that a study conducted by independent research firm Common Sense Advisory has highlighted the need for e-commerce businesses to translate and localise their website and product information. We take a look at the research in today’s video.

A survey of more than 3,000 global consumers across 10 non-English-speaking nations has found that 75% of individuals prefer to buy products in their native language.

The survey assessed online language preferences and the impact that these preferences have on purchases. The research has revealed the importance for localisation in e-commerce to ensure customer engagement.professional translation service

We asked a spokesperson for London Translations for his thoughts on this topic…

“As every marketer knows, people buy from people, and prefer to buy from those they know, like and trust; in other words, those with whom they feel the greatest affinity. Language is at the core of most people’s self-identity and therefore it’s no surprise that communicating with prospects in their own language is one of the most effective ways of increasing affinity, ultimately leading to more sales and better customer retention”.

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