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Professional Translation Services & Cultural Differences – Video

How catering for cultural differences with professional translation services can make all the difference

An article published recently on Real Business website has suggested that organisations that ignore cultural differences may be missing out on sales. We take a look at the article in today’s video.

According to the article, organisations working globally should consider the subtle cultural differences that might impact sales. It is suggested that while many organisations recognise the need for the use of different languages, cultural considerations are often overlooked.

An example offered in the article is the saying ‘touch base’ which might be completely lost in translation to a culture unfamiliar with this metaphor.professional translation services

Is it best to use professional translation services?

A spokesperson for London Translations said recently…

“This is an excellent article and it highlights very clearly the potential problems UK companies may face when attempting to open up new markets. In addition to using appropriate spoken language and body language, it’s also important to ensure that you take care to make sure your brand travels well. Choosing the wrong brand name or even using inappropriate colours can spell disaster. We’ve produced a free whitepaper which gives hints and tips. Simply search our website for the term ‘Validata’ to download your copy”.

Source: https://realbusiness.co.uk/article/26374-why-ignoring-cultural-differences-will-cost-you-sales

For more information regarding our professional translation services go to: https://www.londontranslations.co.uk/our-services/validata/

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