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Skilled Immigrants & Quality Translation Services – Video

What impact have skilled immigrants had on professional quality translation services?

It has been reported recently that small and medium enterprises in the UK can benefit from the linguistic skills of migrants from Eastern Europe and beyond. We take a look at the report in this video.

According to an article published on the Real Business website, small and medium enterprises that are looking to export can benefit significantly from skilled immigrants. It is suggested that language skills are more than for simply communicating information, but are also key to understanding and identifying opportunities in different cultures.Quality Transaltion Services

Suggestions are made that qualified immigrants can improve the nation’s ability to export, and companies should take advantage of these resources.

A spokesperson for London Translations said recently…

“We agree with the sentiment expressed in the article but suggest that the increased prevalence of immigrant workers may be having a positive impact on UK employers’ mind-sets in that ‘foreign markets’ don’t seem quite so foreign anymore. In other words, having staff from overseas on board with the requisite language and cultural skills means businesses who would never have previously considered international expansion now feel confident to branch out. This can only be a good thing for UK PLC”.

Source: https://realbusiness.co.uk/article/26026-linguistically-obtuse-exporters-could-benefit-from-migrant-language-skills

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