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Translation Service – A Cost Or Investment? – Video

Is a good translation service a cost or an investment?

It has been reported recently that Australian real estate agents attempting to tap into the Chinese investor market are causing offence with their poorly translated copy. We take a look at the report in today’s video and discuss the importance of human translation.

Suggestions have been made that the use of machine translation tools by Australian real estate companies in their efforts to reach the Chinese investor market is resulting in inaccurate copy. It has been suggested that not only do the poor translations confuse prospective buyers, but they could also cause offence.translation service cost

Experts have urged organisations to use human translators to avoid putting off potential customers. They have also warned of the potential prosecutions that could result from an inaccurate description caused by a poor translation.

We asked a spokesperson for London Translations for his thoughts on this topic…

“Whilst machine translations can be extremely useful for instant, informal communication such as internet chats, their use for business communication can be very dangerous. Accurate translation relies upon a thorough understanding of the subject matter as well as the intent of the author. Computers process, but they do not comprehend, text therefore they frequently ‘get hold of the wrong end of the stick’. Until machines can understand even this simple idiom, they are best reserved for only the most casual of chats.”

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Source: https://www.rebonline.com.au/breaking-news/7405-poor-translations-offend-foreign-investors

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