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Why Choose London Translations
Cheapest translation prices handshake

Some of the lowest prices in the industry

Competitive Prices

You want the best job at the lowest price with no nasty surprises. We understand.

That’s why, unlike some of our competitors, we’ll never ‘quote you low’ and then inflate your bill by adding in extras.

You’ll get competitive quote including a full breakdown of costs so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

We like a challenge so if you call us with a genuine quote from a competitor, we’ll do our best to beat it whilst providing you with our First Class Personal Service.

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Fastest quotes, fastest delivery translation and interpreting projects

Fastest turnaround of translation projects without compromising quality

Famously Fast

Time is money and ‘late’ is not a London Translations word.

You’ll receive lightning fast turnaround speed from initial quote right through to delivery.

Speed is part of our DNA; all our staff are bonused on timeliness and we’re externally audited on flawless delivery twice a year.

We’re told we often have jobs finished in less time then it takes our competitors to produce the quote.

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Flawless language services delivery - man holding box

Flawless translation and interpreting project delivery

Flawless Delivery

We know you need it now and you need it perfect.

We’re fanatical about detail and will ensure your work is perfectly formed and delivered on time.

Of course every translation company says this, but we’re externally audited not once but TWICE every year just to make sure.

Your dedicated Project Manager will bend over backwards to make sure you get what you want, when you want it.

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London Translations Testimonials

Over 20,000 clients served. Only one matters right now – you

Over 20,000 Clients Already Served

We’re not into bragging but we understand people feel safer when they know they’re not alone.

Right now there’s only one customer who matters – you.

That sounds a bit trite, but it just happens to be true.

Let us prove it, give us a call today.

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Waitress offering first class service

First Class Personal Service at Budget Airline prices

First Class Personal Service

We love modern technology but we’re unashamedly old fashioned when it comes to customer service.

Fancy phone systems with ‘push this for sales, that for support’ have their place but don’t you just want to speak to a real person sometimes?

Look, we’ve nothing against Vivaldi’s Four Seasons but listening to it gets old, fast.

When you call, we’ll put you straight through to a member of our Project Management team whose job is to make your life easier.

Now, isn’t that refreshing?

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British Standard EN 15038 Translation Service Quality Medal

First for British Standard Translation Service Quality

1st For Translation Quality

Let’s be honest, we’d be the first to agree that most standards and awards mean nothing – there’s even a joke that the great thing about standards is there’s plenty to choose from.

However introduction of the British Standard EN 15038 back in 2007 was a landmark in our industry as prior to that date, everyone claimed to provide ‘high quality translations’ but nobody could prove it.

In February 2007 we set out to lead the industry by being the first UK company to be awarded this coveted new standard and we’ve retained it ever since.

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Global Language Coverage - Map of the world in clouds on blue sky

Global language coverage for translation and interpreting services

Global Language Coverage

It’s a big, wide world out there but we’ve got you covered.

From Spanish through to Jeru our language experts are standing by to break down language barriers to help your business grow.

Of course most of our work is in the more common languages, affectionately known at FITS (French, Italian, German and Spanish) but we handle over 170 different languages so there’s really nothing we can’t help you with.

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