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Ich bin ein Berliner” – President John F. Kennedy

When J.F.K. said he was a ‘Berliner’, some accused him of claiming to be a jelly doughnut. Whilst it’s a nice story, and indeed there is confection made in Berlin called a Berliner, within the context in which he spoke, he was bang on the money.

Expect German precision every time

German is a very precise language and it just goes to show how important it is to get it right.

That’s why our team of German translators and interpreters are drawn from some of the most highly qualified and experienced translators and interpreters around.

As with all our language professionals, they only translate into their mother tongue. With our German translation services you can be assured that you’ll never be accused of making language ‘gaffes’.

First for British Standard Quality means you get the best German translation services

Many agencies brag about awards they’ve won and accreditations they’ve achieved but we’ll simply state that we were the first UK company to be awarded the British Standard for Translation Service Quality back in 2007 and we’ve passed the annual audit to retain it with flying colours every year since. We also have ISO 9001.

It’s not about us; it’s about us going the extra mile to ensure you get the very best German translation on the market today – bar none.

Why choose us for your German translation?

We’ve translated millions of words from English to German

German is one of our core languages. Since 2003 we’ve translated millions of words between English and German and provided interpreters for major companies such as BMW, Aon Risk Solutions  and George P. Johnson as well as smaller companies and charities such as the Chelsea Children’s Hospital School.

Our approach to ensuring we provide you with the right translator or interpreter for your assignment is simple but surprisingly unusual in our industry. Here’s how it works:

We only work with professional German translators and interpreters

Firstly, we ensure that all our German translators and interpreters are fully qualified, have at least 5 years’ relevant commercial experience, and are a member of a recognised professional body. In other words, they are full-time German language professionals who take their job seriously, not someone just earning extra ‘pocket money’ on the side. Unfortunately this happens more than you may imagine in our industry.

We filter out ‘wannabes’ and pretenders through our rigorous selection process and by following-up references.

You’re guaranteed not just a German language expert, but a technical expert too

Secondly we make sure we match the skills you need to those of our chosen professional. So, for example, if you need a marketing expert, we’ll find you a German translator with marketing expertise.  Similarly, if it’s a technical assignment, then we’ll provide you with a technical expert.

Reversing the risk, your money back guarantee

We live in an uncertain world and doing business can be risky, but there’s no risk with London Translations.

We back all our work with our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. We’re also insured up to ten million pounds for your complete protection. We believe the fact that we’ve had the policy for over a decade and never had to use it speaks volumes.

The real reason to choose London Translations

It’s not what we say that matters, it’s what our customers say that counts.

We’ve served over 20,000 clients since 2003, many of whom have written in to express their thanks. From household names to small companies and charities, you can see what they say on our testimonials page.

An introduction to the German language

German is the EU’s single most widely spoken language, with more than 100 million native speakers in the central European countries where it holds official status.

These include Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, but also a handful of places with more than one official language – Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland, for example.

Berlin Germany

Berlin, Germany viewed from above the Spree River

However, while there is such a thing as standard German, the tongue has always been a fragmented one – even in Germany itself, there are dozens of regional dialects that vary wildly from one another, and also from Swiss and Austrian variants of the language. As a result, not all German speakers think of themselves as mutually intelligible – an important point to remember when using the language for business!

Nonetheless, the standard form of German is understood by millions across Europe today – not least because of the language’s historic status at the centre of politics, culture and commerce on the continent. It was the official vernacular of the Habsburg Empire until its dissolution with the end of World War I.

German also has some grammar, syntax and vocabulary in common with Dutch, Yiddish, Afrikaans and Luxembourgish, so speakers of these languages are at an advantage when it comes to learning the tongue.

Facts about the German language

  • English has borrowed dozens of words from German over the centuries, including schadenfreude, zeitgeist, hinterland, kindergarten, waltz and wanderlust.
  • By the same token, modern German is rife with words culled from English – a phenomenon dubbed Denglisch by many native speakers. Some notable examples include das Handy, which means mobile phone, as well as das Alcopop and der Babysitter.
  • Unlike English, German retains both formal and informal personal pronouns. When speaking with deference, you use Sie, whereas in conversations with family, children and close friends, du is more appropriate.
  • German allows for frequent neologisms, which often results in extremely long and winding words as writers add existing terms together to create new ones. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest in everyday use is Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften – ‘insurance companies that provide legal protection’.

Where is German spoken?

German is an official language of the European Union and, as mentioned above, widely spoken across the continent. It has official status as a minority language in a long list of countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

German Language Client Testimonials

Professional and punctual

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We have had the pleasure of working with London Translations for many years, every time very professional and punctual. The linguistic checks you have done for us over the years are always performed on time, and the delivery is very much up to our expectations.

Efficient, effective and accurate work

Je Joue
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Just to say thank you very much for the efficient, effective and accurate work you completed for Je Joue in 5 languages.
We work to tight deadlines and are a small, lean business - so we have really appreciated your willingness to work around our schedule.

We have yet to find fault in your service

Dawn Farms
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Our company regularly use the services of London Translations and from the courtesy and professionalism exhibited by your customer service agents, to the exceptionally quick turnaround time and accuracy of the translations, we have yet to find fault in your service.

The translations were excellent

Dart Flyscreens
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The translations are excellent, and were delivered with quite amazing speed, meaning our multi-lingual website was operational ahead of schedule. Not only that, but your level of customer service is excellent - most attentive and professional.

Friendly, efficient and speedy service

Peppermint Research
Peppermint Research Logo image

I would like to strongly recommend the friendly, efficient and speedy service of London Translations Ltd. I went to them with a rush job and a plea for a one-day turn around and they did it for me straight away, which was perfect.

Always our go-to translation agency

Data Centre Dynamics Logo

Over the past year we have used London Translations for dozens of documents often including a degree of technical jargon. They have consistently provided top rate work in several languages and fast. Alex and the team are friendly and very accommodating.