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There’s a Russian proverb “Sem’ raz otmer’, odin otrezh.” which translates to “measure seven times, cut once.” It’s used in situations where something has to be right first time to avoid disasters, that’s exactly how we work.

There’s more to a Russian translation than just the language; many factors need to be fully appreciated. That’s why our translators are much more than just linguists; they are experts on each country they cover.

Our Russian translators are all native speakers and watch out for any nuances and subtleties that may be misinterpreted.

We also assign each translation to an appropriate expert. If your document is a business contract then we’ll make sure it is assigned to the Russian translator who is an expert in drafting contracts.

Our expert Russian translation team is ready to serve you, whatever your requirements.

An introduction to the Russian language

Russian is the world’s most widely spoken Slavic language

Russian is most widely spoken of the Slavic languages and the largest native language of Europe with 144 million native speakers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is also the official language of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan making it the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the language is that Russian differentiates between consonant phonemes with palatal secondary articulation and those without. There are several words used in the English language that has been borrowed from Russian, such as balaclava, mammoth and shaman.

Why is the Russian language important?

The International Monetary Fund labels the Russian economy as a developing one. However it is the largest producer of natural gas with an estimated 40% of the world total reserves. It also has an abundance of oil, coal, timber and precious metals. Russian translation is therefore very popular with businesses who are looking to make the most of investment opportunities. If this is the service you require, hire a Russian translator from London Translations for a guaranteed accurate translation.

Russian is also widely used in technology and has become the second most widely used language on the internet after English. For an accurate translation of a Russian web page, a Russian interpreter from London Translations can do the job.

Russian Language Client Testimonials

Nothing was too much trouble

Alternative Investment & Asset Management

Nothing was too much trouble – even when we asked for a quick turnaround she did her best to accommodate us, even exceeding the timeline set. We will definitely be using London Translation Limited again in the near future.

We were once again impressed

George P. Johnson

We would sincerely like to thank you and your ream for the fantastic work during the BMW 5 Series Produce and Brand Experience 2010 in Lisbon/Portugal. Dealers from all over the world have experienced a successful event. This is also a result of the outstanding services and hard work that London Translations has provided during months of planning and several weeks onsite.