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Growing Economies: Predictions and Language Opportunities

The economy is ever-changing. With COVID-19 causing recessions in some […]

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What are the best languages for international businesses?

English has long been the lingua franca of the world and the dominant business language as a result However, the emergence of various different

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English language dictionary pages

Brexit and EU English – how a new language has developed

With the aftermath and implications of the Brexit vote still the subject of daily debate in the papers and Parliament, the UK’s estrangement from

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Globe encircled by computing code

Why technology will broaden linguistic opportunities, not limit them

With the rapid rise of Google Translate and other online language tools, there has been much speculation about the wider effect this technology will

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Music sheet and piano keys

Music and language: Why musical people can make the best interpreters

Mounting evidence suggests that people with a musical background will have an increased ability when it comes to learning languages and an enhanced

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aid worker with child

The importance of interpretation and translation in times of humanitarian crisis

The importance of interpretation and translation in times of humanitarian crisis If you want to donate money directly to poor households in East

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Changing movie landscape and translation

How the changing movie landscape is expanding the translation market

Translation and interpreting is one of the most varied lines of work there is Professional translators and interpreters can find themselves working

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